Course Outline

  • Discovering WHY You Want to be GREAT at HR
  • Diagnose Your HR Needs
  • Upgrade Your Hiring Practices
  • Performance Management … that Works
  • Upgrade Your Retention Practices
  • Innovation and Best Practices
  • Internal Branding
  • Preparing for the Future of the Workplace
  • Managing Emotions at Work- Victims, Villains and Heroes- the 40/40 Solution
  • Wrapping it Up:  Create a Plan and Celebrate Your Success!
  • Lawsuit Free! Part 1
  • Lawsuit Free! Part 2

Course curriculum

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    Lesson #1: Discovering WHY You Want to be GREAT at HR

    • Outline

    • Lesson 1 Video

    • Lesson 1 Audio

    • Assesing Your HRQ

    • Great HR

    • Great HR is...

    • Great Podcasts for HR Executives

    • HR Choices

    • HR Creed 2016

    • Hiring Checklist

    • HR Inspire Posters 2016

    • Inspiring Quotes

    • Podcasts for HR Executives

    • The Great HR Program Handout

    • Vision Mission Worksheet

    • Visualization Techniques

    • Visionaries Workbook

    • 10 Reasons Why I Want To Be Great At HR

    • 10 Things That Make Me Anxious, Stressed or Overwhelmed

    • Quiz for the Big Why

  • 3

    Lesson #2: Diagnose Your HR Needs

    • Outline

    • Lesson 2 Video

    • Lesson 2 Audio

    • CEO Questionaire

    • Compliance and Productivity Audit

    • Dash Board


    • HRScorecard- Measuring what matters

    • True Costs of HR

    • Trying to Do the Right Thing

    • 90-Day Strategic Plan

    • Employment Practices Audit

    • Quiz for Diagnosis

    • California State Pamphlets and Notices

    • California Employment Practices Audit Addendum

    • California Employee Handbook Policies

  • 4

    Lesson #3: Upgrade Your Hiring Practices

    • Outline

    • Lesson 3 Video

    • Lesson 3 Audio

    • Coax, Encourage and Inspire Worksheet

    • Co-EE Applicant Appraisal

    • Entrance Interview

    • Interview Preparation

    • Our Hiring Process

    • The True Cost of Your HR Practices

    • 10 Great Hiring Ideas

    • Quiz for Hiring

  • 5

    Lesson #4: Performance Management … that Works

    • Outline

    • Lesson 4 Video

    • Lesson 4 Audio

    • Employee Monthly Checklist

    • Going The Extra Mile

    • Manager's Monthly ChecklistT

    • Prioritization Summary Form

    • Process Improvement Form

    • Weekly Activity Summary Form

    • 10 Ideas for Improving Performance

    • 10 Things I Will Stop Doing

    • 15 Ideas for Better Time Management

    • 10 Steps to Delegation that Works

    • Quiz for Performance Management

    • Employee Correction Form

  • 6

    Lesson #5: Upgrade Your Retention Practices

    • Outline

    • Lesson 5 Video

    • Lesson 5 Audio

    • Checklist for First Impressions

    • Employee Orientation Checklist

    • Entrance Interview

    • Employee Turnover Cost Calculator

    • Reasons Why People Leave Checklist

    • Retention Program Possibilities

    • Show We Care

    • The 60 Day New Employee Survey

    • 10 Ideas For Improving Employee Retention

    • Quiz for Upgrading Your Retention Practices

  • 7

    Lesson #6: Innovation and Best Practices

    • Outline

    • Lesson 6 Video

    • Lesson 6 Audio

    • Creativity Checklist 2015

    • Creativity Checklist

    • Employee Suggestion Form

    • Response to Employee Suggestion

    • 10 Ideas for Generating Creativity and Innovation

    • Quiz for Innovation and Creativity

  • 8

    Lesson # 7 Internal Branding

    • Outline

    • Lesson 7 Video

    • Lesson 7 Audio

    • Checklist for Great Office Design by Don Phin

    • Fun Workplace

    • Great Employees

    • How My Work Makes a Difference

    • Mission Poster Color

    • 10 Ideas for Branding the Employee Experience

    • 10 Ideas for Engaging Employees

    • 10 Ideas for Improving the Work Environment

    • Quiz for Branding

  • 9

    Lesson #8 Preparing for the Future of the Workplace

    • Outline

    • Lesson 8 Video

    • Lesson 8 Audio

    • Ideas for Robotics, AI and the Future of My Workplace

    • Impacts of Technology on HR

    • Workplaces of the Future Checklist

    • The Impact of Robotics and AI at Work

    • Managing the Crazy Changes Coming Your Way

    • Quiz for Robotics, AI and the Future of the Workplace

  • 10

    Lesson #9: Managing Emotions at Work- Victims, Villains and Heroes- the 40/40 Solution

    • Outline

    • Lesson 9 Video

    • Lesson 9 Audio

    • Feeling Your Way Through The Plot

    • Managing Emotions in the Workplace

    • The Plot Vocabulary

    • Victims Villains and Heroes

    • VVH

    • VVH Cards

    • Emotional Intelligence and the 40/40 Solution Quiz

    • The Plot Poem

  • 11

    Lesson #10: Wrapping it Up: Create a Plan and Celebrate Your Success!

    • Outline

    • Lesson 10 Video

    • Lesson 10 Audio

    • Building Your Resume

    • HR Strategic Plan

    • HR-Strategic-Plan-2015

    • The 10 Steps to Getting a Raise

    • Why I Deserve Raise

    • 10 Ideas for Engaging the Management Team

    • Quiz - Create a Strategic Plan and Get a Raise!

    • #10 10IdeasforEngagingtheManagementTeam-1479748962747

  • 12


    • Bonuses- in addition to the above we offer these additional tools and support:

    • 66 Strategies Ebook

    • Conclusion Video

  • 13

    Lesson 11: Lawsuit Free! Part 1

    • Employment Practices Liability Coverage (EPLI) Checklist

    • Lawsuit Free! part 1

    • Lawsuit Free! Part 1 Quiz

  • 14

    Lesson 12: Lawsuit Free! Part 2

    • Lawsuit Free! part 2

    • Lawsuit Free! Part 2 Quiz

  • 15

    The Truth about HR…and You

About This Course

This program was created in 2017. It is a unique learning opportunity. The content remains relevant today! What has changed is I no longer offer the HRCI or SHRM credits for going through the program. Quite frankly, I have enough of dealing with them. As a result, I have lowered the price to $197. My hope being your learning is more important to you than getting the credits. At least I belioeve that should be the case!

Don is an HR executive’s best friend! He is an experience employment lawyer, but even more important to this program, has trained over 6,000 CEOs on better people management and knows what they want from their HR executives. He knows what HR “strategy” really means.

Don built and sold HR That Works to ThinkHR. He is as adept at creating HR policies, procedures, and tools as anyone on this planet!

Don has spoken to dozens of HR groups, run HR Masterminds groups and continues one on one coaching with HR executives nationwide.

The GreatHR Program is designed to take your HR career to the next level. Of course, titles are important but even more important is the difference you make and the pay you get for it!

This program was derived from an intense year long program I used to run. Given the new realties I brought it all online.

Here’s what two HR execs want you to know about this program:

Jenny Foster

CIC, HR and Benefits Consultant

To any HR Executive thinking about joining The Great HR Executive Program, I looked at the outline of this program and I am blown away. It is so Don Phin. So many wonderful adjectives come to mind when I think of Don. He is a consummate professional, adeptly skilled in employment litigation, is on time, on topic, and on the cutting edge of industry trends. Don has a breadth of Human Resources knowledge not often found in those with decades of experience at the HR Director level. He brings a wealth of information to the table, whether it is on the topic of law, employee relations, Human Resources, employer compliance, as well as creative ways to truly leverage human capital. Don creates energy and buy-in wherever he goes and brings this energy to public speaking and executive level briefings. A skilled presenter, Don has a no-nonsense teaching style, and as an attendee of his Human Resources Black Belt program, I can truly say that my approach to HR was forever changed for the better. I consider knowing Don, both personally and professionally, to be an honor and means having authoritative power behind my professional decisions. No matter how busy his workload, Don cares about his colleagues and promptly returns calls and emails. He has made a difference in my career, the HR profession, pioneered the best delivery system for Human Resources tools and platforms, and is sought after by many wishing to replicate what he builds. You will serve yourself well by signing up for his new program.

Sande Rugg


I am a seasoned HR professional and had my SPHR-CA certification when I took Don’s Black Belt HR course.  A review of the syllabus convinced me to sign up and I am very glad I did. The course included modules covering subjects that prepare HR professionals to be HR leaders.  By the end of the course, I had a better understanding of what makes a great HR professional and had developed my own strategic plan which took me to the next level of my career. Don is an accomplished presenter.  He made this program interesting and something to look forward to!  He openly shared his knowledge, challenged us to share with each other and engaged us in exercises that resulted in not only a better understanding of the full scope of human resources, but more importantly, in matters of HR strategic leadership. If you are looking for a program that provides you with the opportunity to put into practice what you learn in theory, The Great HR Executive program fits the bill!

My guarantee

I offer you 100% satisfaction. If these programs are not for you, let me know, I will quickly offer a refund. No questions asked. The only risk you have is not signing up for these programs!
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